About the project
Every year the festival unites around 1000 young film directors, actors, animators, cameraman, leaders of children's film studios and experienced filmmakers. More than 600 applications are received all over Russia. Films are made by children and youngsters and are devoted to friendship, building relationships, adventures, nature, school, connectivity between generations, professions, achievements and amusing episodes of human life. Competitional screenings are organized during the festival where young filmmakers present their films to each other and discuss them. They share shooting and collaborative work experience, advances and challenges faced on the way.
"Mirror of the Future" is an educational film festival. During the festival week children and youngsters study directing, script writing, production, acting, camera work, film editing and animation production. At pitching sessions participants present their ideas. The best ones are selected for actual script writing and filmmaking. Short, full-length live-action films, documentaries and animations are produced as an outcome. Young authors are guided by mentors who are professional filmmakers gathered from all over the country.
Within the festival a round table about the development of creativity of children and young people is held. Participants of this round table are leaders of children's film and animation studios. At the round table mentors discuss issues of educational and production activities of studios, share current challenges, success and progress factors, requests and feedback received. Round tables allow members of the filmmaking community to share experience and become closer.