About the project
It is a platform for children and family films created with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth, Center for Creative Youth Initiatives and Presidential Grants Fund. This platform is a constantly renewed collection of films and animations which execute informative and behavioral function and target pre-school, elementary school children, their parents and teachers. Additionally, the collection is structured in accordance with type, genre, age and topic.
About the platform
A special feature of the online cinema is an interactive function of the "meaningful watching". This function allows to watch a film and analyze it afterwards, fulfill concentration and memory development exercises.

With the help of this platform educators, parents, employees of social and cultural enterprises can:
  • integrate audiovisual content in their educational curricular and extracurricular or family events,
  • create their own cinema lessons online using the platform's content. For example, create questions and tests for a film writing them down in an administrative panel and connecting them to a particular time code. Therefore, questions or tests will pop up before, during or after viewing,
  • create and name individual or group collections of films on a specific topic or for a particular age group,
  • organize streaming program for your children without concerns about negative content,
  • attach to their account a group of school students or their own children,
  • Enable parental control to select films in accordance with age and topic.
Moreover, is an official media containing the latest news in the area of children's films, education, culture and creativity. It is a platform full of educational video materials about media education and online workshops in cinema and animation.